Welcome Home!

What says welcome 首页 more than a bright red door? This house is next door to me and I love looking at it every time I walk by. The contrast of the bold red door against the black and white is fantastic. If had been just plain old white, nothing

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接到电话后我们会喜欢“I’我在公寓里住了一年& still don’看起来不像我想要的那样。”音乐入耳。我们的客户想要改造的房间之一是卧室。她住在温哥华美丽的耶鲁镇公寓

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这座美丽的西凡(West Van)住宅自五月以来一直在市场上发售,没有任何报价。当这所上演的房子的隔壁出售时(由我们上演),房主知道是时候了。看到一间空荡荡的房子慢慢变成一个房子,我感到非常兴奋。“home”,一个漂亮的枕头,花瓶& piece of artwork at

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A “True”分期证明

For the non believers out there, this is for you. In the spring, we were hired by a busy developer to stage one of his 3 newly built 首页s, all next to each other on a beautiful lot in West Vancouver. All of the houses were just above the $3

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Invest for Success

我的客户在温哥华西区’市中心的人寻求帮助……..实际上是房地产经纪人给我打电话。他真的很沮丧他的价格合理的公寓没有’t moving &他们对分期感兴趣。它已经上市了一段时间&儿子终于动了

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“Staging Works”…..来自满意客户的话

”分期工作!我的卖方推荐我Suze Interiors的Suze McCart最近为他刚刚离世的姨妈布置家。 苏泽以同情和敏感的态度处理了这种情况,使我的客户对整个过程充满了信心。凭借她的演讲能力,

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Edit, Add & Voila!!


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Bye Bye Blue

This Quebec Street townhouse in Vancouver needed to shine to command the price that the 首页owner is planning on getting. The first thing to go after all of the clutter, were the blue walls in the dining area and to add a chandelier 帮助 define the space. Once painted,

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